NEWSPEAK 2019 is the latest iteration of my ongoing intervention into linguistic capitalism and the economic, cultural and political effects of the monetisation of language by Google’s search and advertising platforms. The installation was a collaboration with Ray Interactive as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Data Lates program. FULL DETAILS OF NEWSPEAK 2019 HERE Full details for the project can be found in the … Continue reading NEWSPEAK 2019

new (and old) work at the Fringe

This is my first Edinburgh Festival, and I find myself right in the bubbling middle of it. I’m doing three things: 1. as part of the Fringe Design Informatics ‘Data Play’ program, my {poem}.py printer will be churning away in the most amazingly designed Pavilion space from 2nd – 26th August, along with a specially curated collection of poem-receipts. Robbie Burns, Jackie Kay, Frightened Rabbit, … Continue reading new (and old) work at the Fringe

What is Orwell’s 1984 really worth?

£58318.14 to be precise. In theory anyway… to Google. I’ve been playing around with running longer texts through {poem}.py and eventually managed to process (and price) the whole of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. I use the idea of Newspeak in my critique of Google’s monetisation of language, so I thought it made sense to use the book for this particular experiment. The book took 7 … Continue reading What is Orwell’s 1984 really worth?