ARCADIA (2020), Fruitmarket Gallery Bookmarket, Edinburgh, Feb-March 2020: Commissioned installation for The Fruitmarket Gallery Bookmarket, Waverley Mall, Edinburgh. LED stock market ticker displays the text of Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project as priced by Google’s algorithms; a critique of capitalism and advertising in both digital and physical spaces.

NEWSPEAK (2019) Data Lates, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, (August 2019): Displayed as part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Data Lates installation, Newspeak (2019) feeds Orwell’s 1984 through Google’s algorithmic market as a political critique of the power that Google has over language.

What Are Words Worth? August 2019 : Workshop performance as part of the Edinburgh International Festival. Playwrights were invited to negotiate their way through a linguistic landscape restricted by the value of the stories they told.

{poem}.py: a critique of linguistic capitalism: Peripheries, Electronic Literature Organization Media Arts Festival, Glucksman Gallery, Cork (July 2019)

{poem}.py: a critique of linguistic capitalism:  LMAO Data as Culture exhibition, commissioned installation, Open Data Institute, London (Oct 2017- Oct 2019)

{poem}.py: a critique of linguistic capitalism:  After Money symposium and exhibition, Edinburgh Civic Arts Centre (November 2017)

{poem}.py: a critique of linguistic capitalism:  Inter/Sections Media Art Technology exhibition, 6 day installation of framed poem-receipts with live printing, Mile End Arts Pavilion, London (Sept 2017)