Language Redux

I have a new short piece about the value of language in the digital economy out in APRJA Research Values, ed. by Christian Ulrik Andersen & Geoff Cox. I use {poem}.py (my artistic intervention into Linguistic Capitalism & Google AdWords), to re-work Christian and Geoff’s introduction 3 ways:

This issue is the result of the Research Values workshop at the Brandenburg Center for Media Studies (ZeM) in Potsdam earlier this year, during which we also had the opportunity to present at transmediale festival for digital art and culture in Berlin.

The whole workshop/festival experience was amazing, and I got to test out an early version of some new work on the subject of Subprime Language, which I hope to be writing up shortly in collaboration with John Hogan Morris.

There are some fantastic full papers and interventions in this issue too from Furtherfield’s Marc Garrett, Tega Brain, Lea Laura Michelsen, Luke Munn, Francis Hunger, César Escudero Andaluz & Martín Nadal and Dionysia Mylonaki & Panagiotis Tigas and many more….

All papers can be found here:



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